Congratulations to all of our Raffle Winners for this year’s Thunder Fundraiser. Here are the winners for our prizes… and the players who sold them in parentheses.

Ohio State Football Tickets

Maryland – Randy Riggs (Gavin Riggs – 10U)

Penn State – Saima Ahmed (Kyser Street – 8U)

Purdue – Melissa Kurtzman (Owen Young – 8U)

Michigan State – Chris Hicks (Rex Hicks – 10U)

Columbus Blue Jackets Tickets

Julie Mullins (Colton Kelley – 8U)

Gary Varchetti (Drew Varchetti – 13U)

Denise Gahman (Drew Galbraith – 11U)

Russ Hodge (Luke Fivecoat – 14U)

Golf Round Foursome

Emily Ebright (Aiden Jones – 12U)

Laura Garber (Charlie Garber – 13U)

Scott Winstanley (Keaton Winstanley – 10U)

Winners will be contacted. Thanks to all of our supporters!